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Dreadzone Presents Dubwiser Vol. One Digital Album


Release Date: 02/08/2019

When is a Dreadzone album not a Dreadzone album? When it’s Dubwiser Volume One, on which The Dread collective bring their own individual talents and skills to the Dubwiser label, with a record that steps back to explore Dreadzone’s very own DNA while stepping forward to expand the label. The cast includes Earl 16, Bazil, Sub Mantra (Marlon & Greg Roberts), Louchie Lou & Michie One, Professor Skank and of course Dreadzone. Sonically Professor Skank and Bazil show us the way ahead as the masters of the mix on a release that springs from Dread Central . As you will hear the Dreadzone family tree has grown new branches, with artists bearing new fruit that demand further exploration.

Cretan Skank 4:40 Bundle only
Dreamtime 5:29 Bundle only
Temptation 5:17 Bundle only
Sing Out 3:48 Bundle only
High Seas 3:42 Bundle only
Castaway 4:34 Bundle only
Local Man 4:48 Bundle only
Samsara 4:56 Bundle only
Firing 3:23 Bundle only
Ganjaman 4:51 Bundle only
Mystery Of The Lost Race 4:57 Bundle only
Waves 6:18 Bundle only
Dubwiser Presents Vol 1 PDF Artwork Bundle only