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Sound Double Yellow Splatter Vinyl


Release Date: 14/12/2018

Discs: 2

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Electro-dub pioneers Dreadzone re-issue their 2001 album 'Sound'. The band formed in 1993 when ex-Big Audio Dynamite
drummer Greg ‘Dread’ Roberts teamed up with Tim Bran, with the duo soon joined by bassist Leo Williams. Until the
release of their fourth album ‘Sound’ in 2001 the band continually remixed itself, chopping and changing members (and
record labels). Greg and Tim approached the new millennium with a fresh idea in the form of the Dubwiser Club night at
Notting Hill Arts Club – a move that would sow the seeds for the birth of ‘Sound’ in 2001 on the Ruff Life label. They
channelled their energy into DJ based club nights that fused dub and reggae with contemporary electronic beats to create
the perfect soundtrack for people from different planets. This proved a fertile musical playground with immediate feedback
on the Dreadzone sound. It was in this climate (and in a new studio) that the band would create ‘Sound’. The album was
written and evolved over a two year period at the turn of the century and featured contributions from Don Letts, Earl 16,
Brinsley Forde and MC Det. It’s also most notable for the first appearance of a certain MC Spee on the opening tune
Return of Dread.

1. Return of the Dread
2. Crazy Knowledge
3. Mean Old World
4. Black Rock and Roll

1. Straight to a Soundboy
2. Digital Mastermind
3. Different Planets

1. Dreadpon Sound
2. Believing In It
3. The Last Dance

1. Crazy Knowledge (Soul of Man remix)
2. Believing In It (Drumattic Twins remix)